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1 : ceremony and splendid display, esp. at a public event : Our goal is to make your guests feel this way about your event. You can do that with Pomp!!
2 : versatile lounge furnishings and specialty items that bring your event to the next level!


“We have to do this!!” These were the words nearly squealed between sisters, Jessica and Rebecca, as they walked down 3rd Street after leaving a fundraising party for Wilmington’s Children’s Museum. They had furnished a lounge that completely transformed a space, not only visually, but also socially, from a guest’s perspective. People sat - people talked - people had fun… a spot that may not have received much attention at the event in the past, became the place everyone wanted to congregate and hang out. After the Children’s Museum fundraiser - Jessica and Rebecca’s minds were made up. There was a need, a desire, and now… there’s an answer! Pomp was born in the fall of 2011!!

Rebecca Dawson

Meet Rebecca! She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and decided she didn’t want to leave the coast. Now a resident, and partner of two businesses, Rebecca, her husband, and her two girls (dogs) - Isabella and Josie, are some of Wilmington’s biggest fans. With a degree in business and marketing, Rebecca began her career as an entrepreneur working with Jessica at Just Perfect!. Rebecca’s drive, commitment to excellence, forward thinking ideas, and infectious personality, combined with her top notch communication skills make her an incredible asset to Pomp. She instills confidence in everyone she works with and her enthusiasm makes people want to join in. Rebecca’s passion for business, and what she does is undeniable. Pomp is lucky to have her as a leader!

Jessica Pirone

Meet Jessica! She is a Wilmington native...kind of. She proudly claims that she was born in Wilmington but she actually grew up in Elon, NC. She studied art and business at the College of Charleston before returning to her roots when she moved back to Wilmington. She has never been one to follow in others’ footsteps, so at the age of 23, she started her first company, Just Perfect! Home Staging. The business flourished and impacted not only the Wilmington real estate community but also the national staging industry. Her ability to think both creatively and analytically make her the perfect entrepreneur. She has an incredible passion for creating beautiful things and is always strives to be a step ahead of the next big thing.

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